Globally and in the United States, Salesforce is one of the most successful CRM solutions in the digital market. The software offers extensive features to make it easy to manage your business from a central point. Talking of 2024, Salesforce Lightning Experience improves CRM operations in a graphical way.

Salesforce allows you to connect with your customers and make your customer experience a breeze. You can achieve a lot of progress in marketing and sales when you implement Salesforce as your digital CRM software. The collaboration feature enables your staff to team up to find the best solutions to improve products and marketing efforts.

With customer data integration, you can better understand your market and consumer interests for a future product launch. In case, you have specialized needs that a CRM like Salesforce does not possess. Then, developing a custom CRM solution is the way forward.

Salesforce Lightning Experience - The Complete Guide
Salesforce Lightning Experience – The Complete Guide

What is Salesforce Lightning Experience?

Firstly, we see what’s all about Salesforce Lightning? Why does it matter to your business? Is there a way you can use this feature to manage your business better?

The Salesforce Lightning Experience is a framework available as a component for the CRM. Also known as LEX, it provides tools and features for creating and managing apps based on the business CRM database. Moreover, you can do it with no need for programming knowledge through this framework. It is a central implementation for all users to access quick and easy-to-use features.

What is Salesforce Lightning Experience
What is Salesforce Lightning Experience

Top Tips and Tricks for Salesforce Lightning Experience

These are the things you should know to make working with your Salesforce Lightning Experience integration easier in 2024.

  • Use the Einstein Search
  • Create a Quick Access Menu with the Favorites
  • List View Pins
  • Subscribe to Reports to Make Collaborations Easier
  • Customize the Navigation Bar

Let’s uncover some of the essential strategies to make the most out of your CRM with Salesforce Lightning.

Use the Einstein Search

The Einstein search feature in Salesforce Lightning makes it easy to find whatever you need within the CRM. Unlike ordinary search bars, which you get elsewhere, Einstein can deliver reliable results that will make your work easier. All you need is to type what you are looking for, regardless of its location.

Primarily, you will see results that matter most to you – the current user. Anybody using Lighting Experience (LEX) will have the search results associated with them on the top. This feature makes it easy for you to find the information you own on the system.

Einstein search also uses the human language to provide the most relevant results. You do not need to memorize the technical terms or order of words to find a feature, customer, invoice, etc. Type whatever you can remember and let the AI do its work.

Also, the results page allows you to make direct updates to the records. There is no need for you to click on a result and click again on the “modify” or “edit” links. With this feature, you can save a lot of time by updating multiple entries from the same screen.

Create a Quick Access Menu with the Favorites

Menus make it easier to access various parts of a website or application. Salesforce Lightning makes it easier for you to open the features, menus, contacts, reports, schedules, and anything you would like. You can pin any results from your search or menu options to get there with a single mouse click.

The Favorites star is always there on the top of your Salesforce page. You can access it from any part of the CRM. Adding content to the quick access is as simple as clicking the star while you are on the page.

So, it works more like creating a bookmark. Use the drop-down arrow next to the star icon to see all bookmarked items. Click on any of them to open it without starting a new search or going through several menu clicks.

Top Tips and Tricks for Salesforce Lightning Experience
Top Tips and Tricks for Salesforce Lightning Experience

List View Pins

On the Salesforce CRM, use list views to access the records and fields of various parts of the system. However, unlike menus, list views only show records from the objects in a tab you are currently viewing. The moment you switch to another item, the information changes.

Going back to the records you need also requires you to click through the menu to get to those objects. When you open an object, the default view is the “Recently Viewed”, which shows the last item you saw. You have to click through the “list views” drop-down menu to access all the lists you have on record.

Pinning the views saves you time by showing the pinned items in default. You can select the type of view you need whenever you open the tab and pin them. Now, you will see that list by default and quickly access the information you need. Furthermore, you can commission the Lightning app development services to accomplish your requirements.

Subscribe to Reports to Make Collaborations Easier

Working together with teammates makes workflow efficient during 2024. Sometimes, you need to know how far your colleagues have gone with their updates. So that you can proceed or collect vital information for your tasks. Conventionally, you would have to open the reports every time to check on the updates.

With the Lightning subscription option, you get notifications when you have relevant updates from various reports that you should check. For instance, you can set a reminder if someone comments on an open case you are handling or following. Doing this makes it easy to quickly respond to feedback or work on the updated information on your website project.

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Customize the Navigation Bar

The Salesforce navigation bar contains everything you need to access on the system through menus. Nevertheless, there are many objects and features to choose from, making the menu quite complex for some users. On the flip side, the admins can assign menu items to the staff according to their responsibility.

This makes it easier for them to use the features they need through 2024. As a staff member, you can also modify the menu to your liking. So that you can access your dashboard and features efficiently according to your taste.

But you need to understand that you cannot remove menu items that your admin assigns you. Nonetheless, you can add some menu items and rearrange their positions. This feature helps you to quickly access the parts of the system that matter to you most.

Craft a customized CRM solution
Craft a customized CRM solution


Hopefully, you like our comprehensive write-up on Salesforce Lightning. These all features take the user experience to the next level. Follow the above-mentioned tactics to make the most of Lightning Experience.

Using Salesforce to manage your business can enhance your business transformation and growth. With loads of features, you may find it too complicated to access the items you need while working. Understanding various ways of making accessibility easier with the Lightning Experience can boost your productivity and efficiency.

Grasp a few tips and use them to get the best out of your CRM dashboard. This will greatly relieve you of navigation anxiety. Whether you are transitioning to Lightning Experience from Salesforce Classic. Or you are advancing your foray in Salesforce Lightning. Utilizing these tactics will improve your involvement.

If you have specific requirements for CRM that Salesforce does not have. Then, a customized CRM solution can best fulfill your needs. Connect with Techliance to make it real.