Google’s success story can be summed up perfectly as this: it came, it saw and it conquered. From being a “simple” search engine over 2 decades ago, it has spanned to multiple user-centric applications through 2023. Defying all odds, Google is now the forerunner for mobile apps with its Google Play offering.

Simplicity at its best, Google allows a wide range of audiences to collaborate in many ways. Google is the contender to the crown of cloud computing and technology innovation, thanks to its continuous quest for futurism. Android ecosystem Google Play helps businesses in showcasing their products/services to the world on the go with mobile apps.

There had been a discussion about having a wide community for the Android front and Google didn’t disappoint. Google in the form of Google play console, provides a platform that enables mobile developers to upload their apps. Also, Google Play is the place where users can download Android apps.

Rewards of Google Play for users, businesses, and developers
Rewards of Google Play for users, businesses, and developers

Table of contents

  1. What is Google Play?
  2. Benefits of Google Play for users
  3. Google Play Statistics
  4. A developer’s perspective on Google Play Console
  5. Benefits of Google Play Console for developers
  6. Conclusion
  7. Google Play FAQs

What is Google Play?

Introduced in 2008, Google Play is the official app store of Google for Android devices. Google’s digital distribution service Google Play has become the world’s largest app store. It hosts mobile apps, books, magazines, music, movies, and television programs for Android users to download.

Also known as Google Play Store, it was previously called Android Market. Loosely labeled as the Google app store and Android app store, it works like a digital media store. With the increasing approval of the Android platform worldwide, there was mounting demand that android apps deserve a separate recognition.

Moreover, mobile developers wanted to upload android apps and provide continuous support. Over time, there has been a debate about having a consolidated platform for android applications. Google app store and Apple app store are important for companies targeting large user-base through the mobile presence in 2023.

What is Google Play
What is Google Play

Benefits of Google Play for users

The advantages of the Google app store for mobile end-users are the following.

Let’s discuss these features of the Android app store in detail now.

Paradise of Mobile users

Google Play is a digital platform for end-users to explore various types of content. Users can search for several types of categories according to their current preferences and downloads. Even, they get suggestions as to the kind of mobile apps, that they may like or want to download.

The best part is the rating given by other users regarding their experience with the Android app. Mobile users can even provide their reviews and feedback. This helps mobile apps in getting a better rating in the app store.

In addition, it allows Google to monitor which apps are doing well. Therefore, Google can feature these applications as trending apps on the platform. The reason for such a wider audience reach of Google is its market reputation.

Users feel safe when they know that a mobile app is available under Google’s digital platform. They get aware it is secure to install on their smartphones. So, they don’t have to go on dubious websites to download an app.

Benefits of Google Play for users
Benefits of Google Play for users

Mobile development & deployment for Android

This is important to understand the other aspect here. Google Play is also a platform for mobile developers, companies, and businesses to put their apps “out there”.

Once, your app is out of the mobile programming process. Then, it’s time to deploy it on a platform that has a wide reach to end users. Google app store provides its platform to anyone who wants to make their app available for download.

Deployment of android apps on the Google Play console is the other dimension that we are talking about. Google has taken extensive measures to ensure that the deployed code for the Android apps is “clean”. After all, they want the available apps to have a certain level of credibility.

You have successfully undergone the mobile app creation endeavor. So, now is the nice for aiming to get your mobile application in front of users. For this purpose, separate signup and login services are available for developers to access the platform and deploy their apps.

Instant reliable connection

Users believe that mobile apps available on Google Play Store are not potential threats to their mobile phones. Similarly, they reckon that there are no risks of viruses. These apps will not cause any security threats to their existing data and personal information on the phone.

Google takes profound steps to put deployed apps by the developers through various tests and analytics. This way it assesses the mobile apps on different levels. Once these apps pass the criteria, only then do they become available on the Google app store.

Such is the credibility and reputation of the platform that its prestige always stays intact. Because the Google app store only allows proper businesses and companies to get onboard. Successful app makers connect to the right audience through mobile apps.

Almost free to play

The mechanisms of the digital distribution service of Google work mostly on a free-for-users model. So, this means the majority of mobile apps on the Google app store are free to download for users. Although, users have to pay for special subscriptions and in-app purchases.

A business desiring to deploy apps must pay a one-time fee of $25 for creating a developer account. Nevertheless, the condition remains that you need to maintain the quality of your app code. So that your app is safe from drawbacks, that can cause a red flag as per Google play console’s standards.

Number of Apps in Google Play
Number of Apps in Google Play

Google Play Statistics

These are some statistics about Google Play Store.

  • As of September 2022, the number of apps in Google Play is over 2.68 million apps. (Statista)
  • This is down from 2.99 million Android apps in July 2020 (AppBrain) and 3.60 million apps in March 2018 (Statista).
  • As of February 2023, the percentage of free apps in Google Play is 97%. (42matters)
  • On the other hand, 94.2% of iOS apps on the Apple app store are free as of November 2022. (Statista)
  • Till January 2022, about 142,368 apps in the Google app store had an average rating of 4.5 stars or higher. Around 1.44 million apps got a rating. While approximately 2.13 million apps attained no user ratings. (Statista)
  • By November 2022, more than 37,268 apps were priced below 1 USD in the Android app store. (Statista)
  • By the first quarter of 2020, about 13.56 % of all mobile apps on Google Play were gaming apps. Education apps followed by 8.94%. (Statista)
Share of Free and Paid Apps in Google Play
Share of Free and Paid Apps in Google Play

A developer’s perspective on Google Play Console

Above, we have covered the angle where we talk about how Google Play facilitates mobile users. Now let’s turn the tables with another perspective and take an overview of the Google play console. Need we say more?

In today’s world, the ease of use is not just for end-users, i.e., mobile consumers. Also, usability is necessary for extended users on the other side i.e. the developer community. Long gone are the days when developers did programming with minimal visibility of their code.

Now they don’t have to deal with a plain developer console with extensive coding practices. So, the features of developer consoles are extending with time. Google Play Console stands apart by providing seamlessness, intuitiveness, and collaboration on various levels.

The console is powerful with so much ease for developers that it provides constant room for innovation. As a result, a lot of solution provider companies and programmers are turning part of the Google play console community. It allows smooth android app deployment with transparency for developers and users alike.

Google Play Console - A developer's perspective
Google Play Console – A developer’s perspective

Benefits of Google Play Console for developers

Here are some paybacks of the Google play console for developers.

We discuss these features of the Google play console in detail.

It counts to be easier

Developers may be geeks, but it doesn’t mean that working on an app store’s console has to be complex. Nonetheless, worry not as Google now provides a neat and easy-to-use UI design for all its products. And that matters because it allows information to break down into sections for clear visibility.

Google Play has a responsive console, so you can easily use it across various devices and screens. Therefore, it also provides support for right-to-left languages including Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, etc. Even publishing is way easier now.

Hence, you are in review and control of what to publish with the Google play console. As it helps you understand the changes that you submit across your releases and store listings. Similarly, it streamlines collaboration especially if your developer team is a large unit.

So that you can coordinate changes in one place. It’s an open invitation for developers, managers, QA, and other team members to come together to build an app. Furthermore, you can make the most of task and workflow management features within the Google play console.

Benefits of Google Play Console for developers
Benefits of Google Play Console for developers

Better navigation

As part of android application development, you probably want to group your tasks or activities in sections. This is what Google allows you to do through navigation groups. Accordingly, everything is easier to navigate.

It also has a search feature to help you search for features or pages. Likewise, you can even differentiate your production and internal tracks. This way you can compare what is released and what is still under testing or development.

Build your confidence by knowing what to release and its state of readiness on the move. Another feature of the release overview gives you a quick snapshot of all your tracks: internal, closed, open, and production. It makes Android deployment relatively easier by providing you the holistic visibility in real-time.

Transparent policy

There is nothing as cumbersome as working on a console with hidden policies or charges. Transparency is the only way forward when it comes to publishing and releasing android apps. That’s why Google makes sure that you can readily access the policy and app content.

This way you know how to stay compliant during your mobile app development endeavor. You can divide the content into different sections, just to make reading through the whole content easy. So, the readability here is not a hassle, as it usually becomes going through such types of documents.

You got mail

Google stays true to its form with its matchless email communications. It now also offers a mail inbox for the Google play console. So, you can stay connected to every message, update, notification alert, or even milestone. Thus, think bigger about working in a team, where you can assign tasks, and work collaboratively to improve productivity.

Imminent help

Google play console ensures that user education remains the pivot. So, the developers can access any kind of documentation relating to various developer console features. Anything you want to know about understanding the value of features or workflows is already there.

Just like we discussed above, everything is broken down into sections. Consequently, you can readily find and access the information that you are looking for. Help is around the corner for every problem that you face.

Analytics & reporting

What’s the point of android app development, if it doesn’t provide you with a sustainable profit? Google Analytics generates acquisition reports to give 360-degree feedback to mobile developers. So, you can understand the impact of your app store listing optimization and marketing investment.

You must make your efforts worthwhile. Subsequently, these reports help you build the necessary understanding for knowing various factors regarding your app’s standing. Henceforth, they also provide insights into what you can do for a better run for your efforts.

Do you want feasible advice on your way to developing and deploying an app on Google Play? We at Techliance, have a team of expert-level developers to help you “get there” with little fuss. Contact us today, because your 1-week free trial is awaiting.

Need help in developing and deploying an app on Google Play
Need help in developing and deploying an app on Google Play


In today’s ever-changing world, it’s all about giving users choices as per their requirements. Having a certain credibility to get a 4-star rating or above is important. Building a certain momentum that carries your app towards a higher ROI stream, and sustaining your business is necessary.

These are some of the goals that all companies want to achieve. When you put yourself out there with a mobile app, you want to make sure that you get all the tick marks. Passing the test of creating a high-quality app with all standards is your ultimate aim.

As a result, Google Play and the Apple app store are the decisive platforms to host your mobile apps. In the end, bringing users closer to what they require from businesses is the need of the day. Google Play store will continue serving Android users on the same lines for years to follow.

Are you are looking to develop, deploy or upgrade an app on Google Play? Techliance can help you achieve that without any hiccups along the way. Contact us today to refine your app idea and transform it into reality.

Want to develop and deploy a mobile app on Google Play
Want to develop and deploy a mobile app on Google Play

Google Play FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Google Play with short answers.

What is Google play and why do I need it?

The pre-installed app store on Android-certified devices, Google Play is the digital distribution service by Google. Also known as the Google app store, it gives users access to digital content. It hots apps, books, magazines, music, movies, and TV programs.

Is Google Play free?

Yes, Google Play is free for users. The reader app of Google Play Books is free. It allows you to download a few books and magazines for free, to read later, or to print.
Google Play Music is also free, but you are limited to using radio stations (with ads). You can listen to personally uploaded music without ads though. Google Play Movies & TV provides programs on upfront rent or purchase model.

Do you need an account to use Google Play?

Yes, you need to log in to our Google account to download apps and games from Google Play. When you open Google Play, it asks you to sign in or create a Google account. Log in or register a Google account to get the most from your Android device.

What is the purpose of Google Play Console for businesses?

Google Play Console helps businesses and their Android developers manage projects, publish mobile apps, and track the performance of apps.

Why is Google Play Console important for developers and marketers?

Google Play Console enables developers to analyze the technical performance of their Android apps. Also, marketers can adjust their strategies to better suit their target audience. Finally, businesses can reach more users with their mobile applications.