Diving into a mobile development project is a challenging journey in 2024. You need to juggle multiple processes while ensuring that you meet the needs of an ever-changing market. Firstly, a good brief for mobile development project can help you in the whole process.

Is there a guarantee that everything will go smoothly? Unfortunately, not. But is there a way to streamline and improve the process? Luckily there is – and it comes in the form of a project brief.

A well-written brief can be a game-changer. With a clear brief on their hands, the developers will be able to stay on the right track. Together with everyone else on the team, they will be bringing your vision to life.

Nowadays, ever more companies are outsourcing their mobile development projects to offshore IT firms. The right brief for mobile development project can assist in streamlining the endeavor. So, implementing brief to the spirit, mobile app developers will be able to complete the project as per your requirements.

Let’s further discuss the power of a decent brief for mobile development project. Moreover, we will also get to know what it takes to write one.

Brief for Mobile Development project - Tips for Writing
Brief for Mobile Development project – Tips for Writing

What is a Project Brief?

A project brief is a concise document that outlines the key elements of your project. In this case, it will describe the mobile development project. Accordingly, within the brief, you will express your goals, requirements, and ideas.

There are many reasons why a brief gives your project a strong start. Some of those reasons are:

  • Project brief helps you pick the right people for the job
  • It provides the team with a clear guide and point of reference
  • The brief helps with developing the project as planned
  • It ensures that the project costs stay within your budget
  • Project brief helps you to align the processes with the goals
  • It eliminates ambiguities

Now that we’ve got the basics of a project brief covered, it’s time to jump straight to writing tactics.

10 Tips to Writing a Brief for Mobile Development project

How you write the brief can determine the outcomes of your collaborations. If everyone is on the same page from the start, you can minimize risks and disagreements. So, without further ado, here are the essential guidelines for writing a perfect brief for mobile development project.

Now, we converse on these strategies for writing an effective brief for mobile development project during 2024.

Introduce the name behind the Project

Every collaboration starts with an introduction. Therefore, the introductory section of the brief should be reserved for information about your company. What you should write down in the introductory segment is:

  • The name of the company
  • Address
  • Company website
  • Project title
  • Contact information

Clarify the Goals

Once you’ve got the introduction covered, it’s time to cut to the chase. The purpose of the project is the main interest of the involved parties. What do you plan to achieve with this software or solution?

To get the right people on board you need to help them understand your vision. Explain what motivated you to start this project. And more importantly, state your goals. Therefore, focus on what problems will the app solve and how it will benefit the users.

Pinpoint the Target Users

This whole project is designed to cater to certain people’s needs. Logically, you need to explain who those people are. List in the brief some basic information about your target users. The information should refer to the following details about the audience.

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Pain points
  • Technology literacy
  • Lifestyle

To present this information more succinctly you can create a user/buyer persona. A buyer persona can make it easier for the people on the other end to envision that target user. If you need help with creating a buyer persona, outsource a writer. You can also hire dissertation services as they can be more affordable while offering high-quality service.

Explain the Features

The available features play a big role in the software’s success. As a result, you want to have this figured out from the beginning. What can the users expect from the mobile app? That’s what you need to explain.

Describe the key software’s features. Since the brief is a concise document, you can stick to the main features and the scope of custom features. If you already have the monetization plan, you can also share which features will be monetized.

Specify the Technicalities

Now, let’s get technical. You need to describe the technical requirements of the project. This is one of the key determiners of the scope of the project. So, you must be clear about it. What you can address in this section is:

  • Type of software solution (mobile app, web app, or both)
  • Mobile platforms you’ll target (iOS, Android, or both)
  • Android frameworks you plan to use (if applicable)
  • The UI design tools you’ll use
  • User registration and navigation
  • Whether the software will be available in offline mode
  • Integration with third-party services
10 Tips to Writing a Brief for Mobile Development project
10 Tips to Writing a Brief for Mobile Development project

Express your Design Ideas

Let’s discuss aesthetics. What are the visual characteristics of the software solution? So, designate a small segment in your brief to describe the design.

The aesthetics are very important to users. Therefore, you want to share your idea on the visual requirements of your mobile development project. In case you already have a mock-up, layout, or some sketches; you can attach these drawings to the brief.

Reveal the Competition

Show that you’ve done your market research by sharing intel on competitors. The need for your app will be clearer once you make a comparison with other products in the niche. A proper competitor analysis will also enable you to choose extra features for your app.

Subsequently, share a list of similar software and explain how your software differs. Do you offer new features? Have you adopted a new software trend? Can you provide a better UI?

Write down a few main competitors along with the links to their software. Include an explanation on how you differentiate. You can also describe what you like or dislike about their product.

Provide a Timeline

An estimated timeline helps with achieving team cohesion. Count in the key processes and realistically assess the time they demand. So, you can estimate the project’s deadline.

The timeframe influences the speed and the ways work is organized. Account for the necessary time for planning, creating a prototype, development, and testing. Therefore, you can devise a timetable that is probably more accurate.

Set the Budget

Every business venture shares the same feature – the budget. The question of the budget will be imposed sooner or later by the client company or startup. So, you better enclose it right away at the beginning of the project.

At least give an approximate cost and how much you can invest. Unplanned costs aren’t a rarity through the implementation of the project. But a general budget will give a clear picture of possibilities.

Factor in Potential Issues

No one likes to think about what can go wrong. But potential roadblocks and bottlenecks should be discussed ahead. So, it is always better to document the probable setbacks right at the start.

In case you have some plan on how you’ll handle potential issues. Then, you’ll tackle them much more efficiently when they arise. Address common risk scenarios and outline the solutions.

Create a Mobile App that follows a set Brief
Create a Mobile App that follows a set Brief

Final Thoughts

Start your project on the right foot with a great and straightforward brief. This vital document can be your roadmap to a successful mobile development endeavor. So, simply follow these guidelines, and you’ll be certain that your brief doesn’t lack clarity or direction.

Keep all the elements in their place. Mention every essential part of the project beforehand. Thus, you can start the project with a bulletproof foundation.

Do you want to build a mobile app that is right on the money? Join hands with Techliance to bring your app idea to fruition. Rest assured, we follow your project brief to the core.