As the world becomes more digital each year, web applications play a massive role in transforming all industries. Modern businesses are all paying great attention to developing web apps. Also, they are increasing users’ interaction with the products/services in 2023.

Web apps serve as an essential link between users and your product/service to fulfill several purposes. For example, customer management, inventory control, and even analytics reporting. Double-check your built web applications must effectively engage the consumers with the products/services.

Users must get satisfaction before they leave the web-based applications. This happens when they achieve their goals by using your product/service. Presently, developing web apps has become quite complex globally and in the United States.

Efficient tips for developing Web Apps to get success
Efficient tips for developing Web Apps to get success

7 effective tactics to follow when developing web apps

Here are seven powerful tips to act upon while developing web apps during 2023.

  • Use a standardized system
  • Protect app security with data encryption
  • Validate email addresses
  • Focus on data relationships
  • Secure apps with HTTPS
  • Embrace auditing and logging
  • Utilize QA, testing & compliance

Make sure you follow these guidelines to deliver the right solutions in the form of web applications.

Use a standardized system

Realize that standardized systems are outstanding to guide web application developers. They ensure that you save time and avoid any inefficient activities during the development phases. In short, you must establish an approach in line with your business goals that your developers must follow.

You can choose a programming language for developing web apps for all of your products/services. Then, you can determine the tools you think are the most suitable for each application type. This method is great because it promotes consistency.

A standardized system empowers you to transfer current developers from one team to the other. It makes the whole transition process smooth and workable. Additionally, new developers that just join the team are not lost in the process.

Here are the many benefits that come along with a standardized system.

  • Guide your decision-making process
  • Consistency between developers
  • Faster development
  • Higher rate of productivity
7 effective tactics to follow when developing web apps
7 effective tactics to follow when developing web apps

Protect app security with data encryption

Nowadays, data encryption is essential to protect data against online attacks. Encrypting data itself doesn’t prevent data transmission but stops unauthorized access from using it. Keep in mind that some companies worldwide don’t encrypt your data, such as health insurance companies.

2021 saw a 17% increase in data leaks in comparison to 2020. So, you have to put lots of attention to data encryption as cyber attacks keep rising each year. Data encryption is an exemplary method for protecting data from online attackers. It makes sure that data is secure when you store it across devices and the cloud.

Recall that an unsecured open web service is not your best friend. Instead, it is a close one to your enemy (the hacker). So, check that you encrypt the data in some way whenever you are using APIs and web services.

Programmers are always under pressure for delivering solutions on time after developing web apps. So, they disregard paying attention to the application’s security sometimes. But not applying the proper security measures will only lead to long-term issues with the web application.

Being an agile developer means developing an exceptional end product that is secure. It must not face any data breaches in the future (as it is at least protected at the highest level). Here are a few steps we recommend to maintain an excellent application security level.

  • Conduct security sessions for your internal web developing team
  • Train new developers joining your team about everything they should learn
  • In case, you can’t offer the proper security levels for your web applications. Then reach out to an experienced development company with excellent security track records.

You can choose from many web server management software are available in the market. Plus point of using such software is that they provide endless options. Additionally, here are some things you must avoid when ensuring the proper security level for web apps through 2023.

  • Outdated security level protocols
  • Not protecting directories and files that are to be served
  • Old software libraries
  • Not removing guest, temporary, and default accounts from the web server

Validate email addresses

If you want to maintain a clean email list, then email address validation is essential. Only by verifying your email addresses, you improve the overall email delivery rate. To keep your email list clean, you should validate email addresses right at the very beginning.

This way, you can find out about all of the emails that users incorrectly input during form submission. You can use an open-source Python library for validating the email addresses. It gives you a confirmation that the email address that the user has entered has the correct syntax or not.

The one downside of Python’s open-source libraries is that the library will only check if the email syntax is correct. The domains resolve without having to provide any additional descriptive information. In contrast, invalid emails differ from valid emails because they require separate workflows. Furthermore, You can use online tools for the validation of email addresses.

Focus on data relationships

Generally, web apps disregarding their size and how complex they are, operate with the following mechanism.

  • Web applications collect data from the users
  • They process all the information gathered and then decide what to do with it
  • Web apps generate an output after completing the procedure

Every time you begin to use other web applications, you will always think about improving your own. Here are some questions to take into consideration when dealing with data relationships.

  • What kind of web-centric features should you first build?
  • How should you create your web app?
  • Which type of new technologies and web services should you start learning about?
  • How will your web app handle user data and presentations?

Secure apps with HTTPS

HTTPS enables you to defend critical information from theft and usage without authorization. TLS (formerly SSL) is a technology used to implement an encrypted link between a browser and a web server. This encrypted link ensures that information remains private. So, it is not exposed publicly in the browser and web server, which will remain private.

Today, almost every website uses TLS (transport layer security). The primary motive of using it is to protect online transactions happening over the internet. Without TLS, all information would be public and be an open target to hackers.

Moreover, HTTPS has become a standard for the safe web. Google has incorporated it as a part of the Page Experience search algorithm update. Also, problems arise whenever you don’t reference JavaScript, stylesheets, and other files via HTTPS along with an SSL.

Tip: Know about web applications in detail

Embrace auditing and logging

Much of logging and auditing is built along with the content of serving software apps. It is accessible if you want to review any other activity-related info. In a nutshell, logs are used to track users’ actions individually to record any suspicious activities that may arise.

There are several differences when we compare audit logging with error logging. Audit logging doesn’t require too much setup time and is ready-built into the web server software. However, you should confirm that you leverage it to watch out for any suspicious activities.

Review the web app errors that aren’t caught at the code level. Also, track all of the user actions. Remember that logs can rarely be a requirement for legal proceedings, but that is not common at all times.

Utilize QA, testing & compliance

Setting up a test of your web app is a brilliant idea to see if it is functioning correctly. Besides, you can try using a third-party service that has expertise in vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. It is always a good idea to add an extra layer of testing to ensure everything is working correctly.

You have to make certain that your web applications are free of any security breaches. So, they must not fail HIPAA, ISO, PCI, GDPR, SOC 2, or SOX guidelines, whatever is applicable. Whenever possible, you can consider consulting with parties that specialize in these compliance standards. So that you are 100% sure everything is where it should be.

Build a web-centric solution to serve online users
Build a web-centric solution to serve online users

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s about it for this article. These are the guidelines you can execute while developing web apps. Take into consideration that crafting web applications isn’t easy.

Especially, when you rush them and forget to ensure the proper security levels. Well, we can tell you that whatever you rush won’t ever be good. This article gives you an in-depth review of the most important things to pay attention to when developing web apps.

We recommend you carefully read through each suggestion. Pay great attention to the security you ensure for your web apps. Otherwise, your hard work will go to waste as users will not like your product/service.

Do you want to create a web-focused solution that helps online users? You can always reach out to a skilled web development team that fills in gaps that you never saw. Connect with Techliance to take care of all your next projects.