It is always an exhausting task to look for a resource that best fits your requirements. It even gets more difficult if you plan to outsource the job to an offshore resource. Nowadays there are many freelance offshore software developers as well as companies providing outsourcing capabilities. Considering you can save on many overhead charges and various benefits offered to employees, hiring an offshore software developer to code and implement your dream app seems like a viable idea.

Offshore Software Developers

To help you hire the most ideal candidate for the respective role, we round up on top 5 attributes to look for in the candidates you would be interviewing for the role in discussion:

1. Excellent Communication Skills

Any offshore software resource you hire must be able to effectively communicate with you. This is a big factor that makes or breaks the project. With right communication, you can develop transparency regarding what the requirements are and how comfortable both you and the resource are in terms of delivering those requirements.

2. Expertise in Respective Domain

One of the most important qualities in any resource is their capabilities in the respective domain, platform, language that they will use to develop the app. Depending on your
app‘s complexity, you can decide the level and caliber of the resource. Sometimes a beginner level resource can be equally as good as one who has a lot of experience under their belt. Again this a two-fold factor as the product’s budget is also a deciding factor on who you eventually hire. But remember, don’t settle for someone less just because they cost less too. You don’t want to be compromising at the cost of your product/app.

3. Flexibility in Work Routine

When you work with employees from remote locations, remember the time difference. A preferable mode would be to have someone work completely on your time zone. However, a few overlapping hours could equally do the trick. As long as the resource is flexible to work in hours that suit you and them both, you are good to go.

4. Patience, and Ability to Adapt

Product scope/requirements change. Moreover, during code review, testing and other project phases; you might find gaps that need to be fixed by the developer. In such typical scenarios, you want someone who is patient and works without any issues.

5. Quick to Respond

A pitfall to avoid while hiring offshore software developers is to hire people who are able to respond to you without any slippage. Especially with decided deadlines, you cannot have someone who will come up with a lame excuse on the day of phase or product delivery. The decided timelines must be met and managed properly between you and the developer. Once again, it is important to constantly communicate with your resources about the deadline expectations so that all parties try their best to meet the timelines.

Offshore Software Development

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